H igh Octavez is a band that uses our passion towards music for charity. As the singers got to know each other more, we realized one more common interest and that was to use this secondary income towards helping the needy! This common interest is the reason why we never take a single penny out of what we earn by singing. All the profit from the shows are used in helping out medical needs of the people who are faced with a double challenge in life, that of an illness and the lack of money to treat the illness.

The show Karuna, that we conducted as a first step towards this has helped in giving a bone marrow transplant to a PhD student and his recovery from blood cancer. The satisfaction that we got out of this act has motivated us to do more and has provided the vision for this band - Charity...

Please click on the Donate button to the right to donate to the fundraiser for the Kerala flood relief.

*** Proceeds from all upcoming events will go towards helping people affected by the recent floods in Kerala. ***